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Data Tags for Application GlobalsLocate this document in the navigation structure

The values of any application global definition can be returned using SDML data tags. The syntax for a global data tag is as follows:
<<groupName.globalName [length=n]>>

The groupName is the defined group for the global definition. The global name is internal definition name of the global. These tags will return the current value of the global definition. If the global value has been overridden the override value will be returned. References to global data tags in synchronization components processed by the Agentry Server prior to the global override processing will return the global’s defined value.

All global data tags are strings, regardless of the data type of the global definition. Global data tags accept a single named parameter specifying the length of the string to return from the global. When a length is specified the data tag will return no more characters than specified in the length parameter, counting from the left. Any characters beyond the specified length will be truncated from the returned value.