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The TABLE function searches a data table for a record with the specified key value and returns the value field for the matching record. The search performed by this function is a record by record search, attempting to match the provided search value with the key field of each record. Data tables contain no indexes or guaranteed record order, and therefore the search is performed in a first to last manner. Data tables with large numbers of records will take longer to search, both by the TABLE function as well as any other methods. The value field returned is converted to the data type of the function’s context, which may be integral number, Boolean, or string.

    @TABLE (Table Name, Search String)
  • Table Name Required string parameter; contains the name of the data table the function will search.
  • Search String Required string parameter; contains the key value the function will use to search the data table records.
Supported Return Types
  • Boolean
  • Integral Number
  • String