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The MEMBER function is used to search an object collection and to return the value of a property within that collection that matches the given search value. The first match found within the collection will be returned. The function takes two parameters; the first is an object collection, and the second is a property with a value that is to be located. The object instance with the same property name, data type, and value within the object collection is then found and the value of the object’s key property is returned. If no match is found within the collection, the function returns the null equivalent for the context’s data type.

    @MEMBER (Collection Property, Search Property)
  • Collection Property Required property parameter; references the object collection to be searched by the function.
  • Search Property Required property parameter; references the property definition for which an exact match within the Collection Property object instances is to be searched.
Supported Return Types
  • Boolean
  • Integral Number
  • Decimal Number
  • String
  • Property