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The IS_SPECIAL_VALUE function returns a Boolean value indicating whether or not a specified property is currently set to its special value. The function returns true when the property value is equal to its defined special value. It returns false when it is not equal to the defined special value, if no special value is defined for the property, or if the property type does not include special value attributes.

The function can take one or more parameters to allow for the navigation through the object data structure of a module, beginning with a child of the object setting the context for the function call, and drilling down into this structure to the descendent object and, finally, a property of that object.

    @IS_SPECIAL_VALUE (Property 1 [, ..., Property N])
  • Property 1 Required property parameter; if the only parameter to the function, this property‚Äôs value will be compared to its special value attribute settings. If additional parameters are provided, the function will evaluate the next parameter in the context of this one, assuming it is a child member of this property.
  • Property N Optional property parameter(s); with each specifying an object further down in the data hierarchy of the module. Each subsequent Property N provided must be a child to the parameter that immediately precedes it in the function call. The last parameter provided is compared to its special value attribute settings.
Supported Return Types