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The COLLECTION_FIND function searches a given collection for the first member for which the given second parameter returns true. This second parameter is evaluated once for each member of the collection in a Boolean context. When a member of the search collection is found, that member is returned to the caller of the function. If no member of the collection results in the search criteria returning true, an empty property of the type within the search collection is returned.

    @COLLECTION_FIND (Collection Property, Search Criteria)
  • Collection Property Required property parameter; the property referenced for this parameter is assumed to be a collection and contains the members to be searched by the function using the specified Search Criteria parameter.
  • Search Criteria Required Boolean parameter; this term is evaluated once for, and in the context of each member of Collection Property. The member of Collection Property returned by the function will be the first one for which Search Criteria returns true.
Supported Return Types