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The FROM_INTEGRAL_NUMBER function sets the context of its single parameter to a data type of integral number. It supports the decimal number, integral number, string, and property return types. The value of its single parameter will be converted from the integral number data type to the data type of the context of the FROM_INTEGRAL_NUMBER function call.

One of the main uses of this function is to set the context of another function call to integral number. Certain functions do not directly support non-numeric data types for return. The FROM_INTEGRAL_NUMBER function allows for these other functions to be called in an integral number context and to then return that value in a data type such as string. While this function supports the integral number return type, it is unnecessary to call this function in this context.

    @FROM_INTEGRAL_NUMBER (Convert Parameter)
  • Convert Parameter Required integral number parameter, contains the value to be converted to the data type of the function’s context.
Supported Return Types
  • Integral Number
  • Decimal Number
  • String
  • Property