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When the edit type of a field is set to “Default,” the field will take on the behavior of the edit type that matches the data type of the property the field targets. The table provided here contains the cross reference between the field’s edit and the property data type. This will then be the type of field displayed on the detail screen when it targets a property of the type listed and the edit type of the field is set to “Default.” This refers only to the field edit type on wizard detail screens. Object detail screens will always display property values in read-only string fields.

Property Data Type Default Field Edit Type
Boolean Button (check box type)
Collection read-only string field (field should have edit type specified).
Complex Table Selection Complex Table Search List
Data Table Selection Data Table Selection
Date Date
Date and Time Date and Time
Decimal Number Decimal Number
Duration Duration
External Data External Data
Identifier Identifier
Integral Number Integral Number
Object read-only string field (field should have edit type specified)
Signature Signature
String String
Time Time