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The Agentry Client user interface definition includes list control columns.

A column definition defines what object property is displayed in a list control column. The column definition also controls behaviors such as formatting, sorting the list on the column, whether the column can be resized or moved, and whether the list can be filtered on the column. Columns may also be defined to execute an action via a hyperlink control.

In addition to or in place of a property value, a column may also display an image definition as an icon, which can be different for each record based on a Rule definition.

Column Attributes
  • Name: Internal name for the column definition. This value must be unique among all columns definitions in the list screen.
  • Label: Specifies the label for the column header. This text is displayed at the top of the column on the Agentry Client to identify the contents of the column.
  • Object Property: Specifies the property to display in the column on the list screen. Set this to None, to display either a value derived from a format string or only an icon image. Selecting both an Object Property and specifying an icon image will display both in the column.
  • Enable Rule: References a rule definition evaluated in the context of the object displayed by the screen set and expected to return a Boolean value. When the rule returns true, the column is enabled and displayed on the Agentry Client. When it returns false, the column is disabled and not displayed.
  • Icon Image: References an Image definition within the application to specify an icon for the column. The image name can also be returned using a rule definition to dynamically determine the image to display for each record. This rule is evaluated in the context of the object instance for the record and is expected to return the name of an image definition as a string. Note that not using a rule for this attribute will display the same image for all records in the list
  • List Filter: Specifies if the column should be included in those listed in the filter dialog for the list. This attribute is ignored in filtering has been disabled for the list screen.
  • Scanner Filter: Enables scan filtering functionality for the column. When this attribute is enabled, the value scanned in by the device will be compared to the values of the column to create a filter. Multiple columns can be defined for this behavior. However, the values in the columns should be mutually exclusive. The order of the columns evaluated against the scanned value is undefined. This attribute is only supported for screens used by a scanner platform and displayed on a scanner-enabled device.
  • Format: Can contain a format string to display one or more property values from the object type being displayed by the list in a different format than the default for the property‚Äôs data type. This text can also be set via a rule definition, where the expected return value is a string and is evaluated in the context of the object instance for the record in the list. To set the format attribute set the Object Property attribute must be set to None.
  • Column Width: Specifies the initial size of the column on the Agentry Client. The user can resize the columns if the list screen definition has not disabled this behavior. If the user changes the width of a column, the new width is saved by the Agentry Client and will override the Column Width attribute.
  • Hyperlink: Specifying a hyperlink action enables each cell within the column to execute an action when the user single or double clicks on the hyperlink drawn in that column. The text of the hyperlink will be the value the column is defined to display. This functionality can include columns with images. Hyperlink contains two attributes:
    • Hyperlink Action: Specifies the action that will be executed when a user single-clicks a column in a populated row in the list.
    • Hyperlink Target: Specifies the target of the Hyperlink Action.