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A screen set is one of the Agentry Client user interface definitions.

A screen set definition defines the Agentry Client's user interface. The screen set defines the definition type to be displayed, which can be an object, transaction, or fetch within the same module. The screen definitions within the screen set can display properties of this definition type. Screen sets contain the child definitions screen and platform.

The type of data definition a screen set is defined to display will have an effect on the types of screens it may contain and how those screens are presented on the Agentry Client. When a screen set is defined to display an object it may contain both detail and list screens. Each screen within the screen set is displayed within the same window, with the screens represented by tab controls. In most cases the fields displayed on these screens are read-only.

When the screen set is defined to display a transaction or fetch it can only contain detail screens. These screens are displayed in a wizard format, with each screen displayed one at a time and containing navigation buttons to advance, reverse, cancel, or complete the wizard. Note that this navigation will also be affected by the action that displays the screen set. The fields of these screens can be read-only or editable based on each field’s definition.

When a new module is added to an application project a single screen set will be defined within it automatically. This will be the main screen set for the module, making it the first screen set displayed on the Agentry Client when that module is viewed by the user. There is only one main screen set per module. This screen set definition can be altered but cannot be deleted.

Screen Set Child Definitions
The following definitions are child definitions to the screen set:
  • Platform: The platform definition defines how the screens it uses within the same screen set appear on a specific device type.
  • Screen: A screen definition defines how the property values in the definition being displayed are presented to the user on the Agentry Client.
Screen Set Attributes
  • Displays: This is a two part attribute consisting of the definition type and the specific definition of that type the screen set will display. Screen sets can be defined to display objects, transactions, or fetches. The selection made here makes the data (properties) within that definition available to the screens defined within the screen set.
  • Name: This is the unique internal name of the screen set that identifies the definition within the module. This value must be unique among all other screen sets in the same module and can contain no white space.
  • Main Screen Set: This attribute cannot be set by the developer and is displayed in the add screen set wizard and properties screen in the Agentry Editor for reference purposes only. The main screen set for a module is created automatically by the Editor whenever a new module is defined.