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A Java Step, or Steplet, is defined for a Java Virtual Machine system connection and contains the Java logic to be processed by SAP Mobile Platform Server for a Java interface. The logic for a Java Steplet is contained in a Java source file with a .java extension. This file is added to an existing Java project in the Eclipse Java perspective. This class created is an extension of the Agentry Java API class Steplet. The contents of this file are processed by the Java Virtual Machine running on the host system for SAP Mobile Platform Server.

With the release of the Agentry Mobile Platform version 5.1, the process for creating a Java step definition changed. The new procedure reflects support for the Java perspective provided within the Eclipse and allows the developer to add Java logic for a step definition to existing projects within the Java perspective. The creation of the Java logic portion of a step definition is now performed through the Java perspective’s wizard for creating classes, and allows for the selection of the package to which the step is to be added. Java steps created in previous versions of the mobile platform are still supported and will still reside on the Server’s file system. New Java steps defined for the application should be created using the Java wizards provided by the Java Perspective. The file for these steps will then be saved to the file system according to the configuration of the Java project to which the Steplet is added.

Java Steplet Attributes
  • Name: Contains the unique internal name of the step definition. This value must be unique among all step definitions within the same module.
  • Connection: This attribute references the system connection for which the step is defined. This attribute is set when the step is initially created and cannot be modified. For a Java Steplet this must be a Java Virtual Machine system connection type.
  • Source Type: This attribute specifies the source of the Java logic for the step and may be set to one of the following options:
    • Existing Class: This selection will allow for the selection of an existing class within a project in the Java perspective. The class selected will be the one called when the Java step is processed by the Server at run time. This class must be an extension of the Agentry Java API class Steplet.
    • New Class: This selection will create a new Java class that is an extension of the Agentry Java API class Steplet. The Java class wizard within the Java perspective in Eclipse will be displayed to allow for the creation of this class, including specifying the project and Java package to which it should be added.
    • Source (deprecated): This selection, as indicated, is deprecated and is provided to support the now deprecated method of managing Java classes for an Agentry mobile application. This selection will use and store a .java file on the Agentry Server’s file system. Note that this selection will prevent the ability to organize the source file for the step in a Java project within the Eclipse Java perspective.
  • File: Note that this attribute is deprecated as of version 5.1 of the Agentry Mobile Platform. While still supported for existing Java steps, it should not be used in new step definitions. It is only valid when the Source Type attribute is set to the option “Source.” This attribute contains the path and file name of the .java file containing the step’s SQL statement. This path is relative to the path

    where ServerDirectory is the installation location of the Agentry Development Server.