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Rule properties associate one or more object properties with a fetch validation rule. Rule properties are used to set the cursor focus on the Client when a fetch warning or error rule is triggered. The focus is set to the first property on the current screen set screen that is included in the Rule Properties list. If no match is found or if all of the listed properties are contained in a screen other than the current screen shown on the Client, no focus is set.

Validation rules and their associated rule properties are evaluated when the user clicks any navigation buttons in the wizard screen set displaying the transaction. If the rule returns false, the rule runs through all properties on the rule list until it finds one that matches a fetch property that is displayed on the Client screen. At that point, the ‘next’ or ‘finish’ process is stopped, the user remains on the same screen, and the cursor focus is set to the matching property. Any property controls that are hidden, disabled, or set to read-only will be ignored.

Validation rule properties are available on the following fetch types: Add, Edit, Complex Table Change, and Data Table Change.

Setting rule properties is optional. If no rule properties are set and a rule returns false, only the error or warning message associated with the rule is displayed on the Client.