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This procedure describes the necessary steps to set up a development environment within Eclipse that can be used for development of customer controls using the SAP Agentry OpenUI SDK for Android clients, as well as for rebranding of the Agentry Client for Android.


The following items must be addressed prior to performing this procedure:
  • The SAP Mobile Platform SDK must be installed, with the Agentry Toolkit being one of the selected components during installation.
  • An Android development environment must have been created, per the instructions provided. This includes Eclipse with the ADT plug-in installed, as well as the installation of the Android SDK with the proper API versions installed.


When this procedure is complete, a series of development projects will exist in the Eclipse workspace that will allow you to both development customer controls as well as rebrand the Agentry Client for Android and ultimately produce a new application package (.apk file) for distribution to Android devices.


  1. Within the directory where the SAP Mobile Platform SDK was installed, locate the file at AgentryToolkit\AgentryOpenUISDK\
  2. Open the archive and extract the contents to an accessible location.
  3. Launch Eclipse if not already running. Within Eclipse, you should have the ADT perspective open and have the desired workspace for the projects to be created selected.
  4. Within Eclipse, select the menu item File | Import | General | Existing Projects into Workspace.
  5. Navigate to the location of the files extracted from the Agentry Client for Android framework. There are three directories here: Sample SAP vendor<>
  6. Select each for import into the Eclipse workspace.

    This imports the projects within the OpenUI SDK to allow for custom controls and rebranding of the Agentry Client.

  7. Perform a clean of all projects once imported.
  8. Once this is complete, you can configure the preferences of the projects. For the project AgentryAndroidClientSolution you should specify the following build order in the project preferences:
    • AndroidOpenSource
    • Codeus
    • com_actionbarsherlock
    • MAF_Controls
    • OI Distribution Library
    • OI File Manager
    • polidea_treeview
    • AgentryAndroidClientResources
    • AgentryAndroidClientSolution


Once this is complete, the development environment for the Agentry Client for Android has been created. To develop custom controls using the OpenUI SDK, all extension classes should be created in the AgentryAndroidClientSolution project, within the package

For rebranding and/or resigning of the Agentry Client for Android devices, changes should be made to the resources in the AgentryAndroidClientResources project.