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Points of Interest CSV File PreparationLocate this document in the navigation structure

Uploading points of interest (POI) files in bulk allows you to create or replace multiple addresses for a customer. The first row in a comma-separated value (CSV) file lists the field names for the object that you are processing. Each subsequent row corresponds to a record in the database. A record consists of fields that are delimited by commas. A CSV file can contain multiple records and constitutes a batch.

All the records in a CSV file must be for the same object. When you process CSV files:
  • Bulk processing does not support any delimiter except a comma.
  • Verify that all required fields exist.
  • Files must be in UTF-8 format.
The POI data header must include:
customerid,location type,purge
For example:
This adds all the addresses to customer 1234567; addresses are created with a location type of 7, and existing addresses with location type 7 are removed.
In addition to the header, the body of the bulk file should contain:
<name> represents the name of the company, for example, Walmart. The value of <extra> is optional; it may include details of the location, such as cross streets or an exact address. For example:
-85.206844,35.008629,"Walmart","Skurlock Rd & Cornelison Rd"
-85.217847,34.998767,"Parkridge East Hospital","941 Spring Creek Rd"
Note You can download preconfigured CSV files that contain coordinates for points of interest from published on non-SAP site.