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Credential policies define the rules for composing credentials, such as the minimum and maximum length of a password or PIN. Credential policies also define the number of times a credential can be used, the number of allowable authentication failures, and the time range during which the credential is valid. You can add new policies, and edit and remove existing policies.

Field Description
Customer Type Policy
Customer Type The type of customer: consumer, merchant, or support agent.
Credential Type The type of credential: password or PIN.
Credential Policy Defines the rules for how a credential must be composed, such as the minimum and maximum length of a password or PIN.
Name Name of the policy.
Min Minimum number of characters allowed for the credentials.
Max Maximum number of characters allowed for the credentials.
Block Size Number of consecutive characters or numbers that cannot be used, such as 1234, aaaa, abcd, and so forth.
Block Timeout (minutes) Number of minutes the account is locked when the block threshold is exceeded.
Block Threshold Number of unsuccessful log-in attempts.
Password Retention Password history, such as the number of passwords that are stored and how frequently old passwords can be reused.
Expiry (days) Number of days before a password must be changed.
Temporary Expiry (days) Number of days before the system generated credentials expire. If left blank, temporary credentials use the value of Expiry (above).
Unused (days) Number of days before an unused credential expires. Once it expires, it cannot be used.
Credential Pattern
Regular Expression Sequence of text characters that specifies a set of strings. Typical expressions are /d+ for digit-only credentials.
Match Indicates whether the credential must match the regular expression.
Message Template Defines the message template key that can be used to inform the customer when an entry fails the new credential.