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Restrictions and Restriction GroupsLocate this document in the navigation structure

Use the Restrictions option to configure rules that restrict transaction processing for payers and payees, based on their transaction history. A restriction first determines whether it applies to the current transaction, then it accumulates historical transaction data and checks for restriction violations.

Agents can configure restrictions that apply to all customers in an organizational unit and risk category, but not for individual customers; for example, restrict customers to only one person-to-person payment per day. 

Each restriction has a set of rules that define it:
  • Minimum and maximum transaction amounts for the current restriction
  • Time frame such as minutes, hours, days, weeks, and years
  • Maximum number of transaction per time frame
  • Maximum transaction sum per time frame
  • Currency rules for converting currencies from the standard that is used by one country to the standard that is used by another country
Restriction rules are linked to restriction groups, and always include the currency.
Note If a restriction group does not exist, you must create one before adding a restriction and a restriction rule to it.