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Agents can use the Find Customer option to search for customers who want to change their personal information, mobile phone numbers, or security questions and answers. Agents can also view customer transactions, and verify a customer's information for validation. You can search for customers by mobile phone number, last name, first name, display name, e-mail address, street, city, postal code, Identification OrgUnit, or Customer OrgUnit. All search parameters are optional.

Menu Item Description
Standing Data Customer information, such as name, date of birth, customer type, address, fees and limits, mobile phone number, and security information. You can make changes on the customer's behalf, and reset the customer's PIN, offline PIN, password, and mobile phone number. You can also deactivate a customer or set a black-list reason. If you deactivate a customer, you must select a cancellation reason; the customer is disabled and does not appear in the search results.
Note Deactivation is permanent. To block a customer temporarily, use the Black List feature.
Accounts Accounts in the consumer's wallet. You can add, edit, remove, or block (disable) payment instruments on behalf of the consumer. You can also transfer funds between accounts and set up balance alerts on behalf of the consumer.
  • Bank Account – add one or more bank accounts to a consumer's wallet, which makes them available for mobile transactions.
  • Credit Card – add one or more credit cards to a consumer's wallet.
  • External Account – similar to bank accounts and credit cards in a consumer's wallet, because an external account can be used to pay bills. However, you cannot add money to the customer's SVA from an external account, or transfer money from the consumer's SVA to an external account.
  • SVA – add funds to a consumer's SVA from a bank account or a credit card set up in their wallet.
  • Offline SVA – offline stored value accounts are similar to SVAs, but they are stored directly on mobile phones. You can perform the usual operations, such as adding and withdrawing funds, and viewing the current balance and transaction history. Unlike a regular SVA, you can have more than one offline SVA. You can reset the dedicated offline PIN that secures the offline SVA, which is stored on the mobile phone.
History Tracks data changes, such as time zones and preferences, and unsuccessful login attempts.
Contacts Agent's justification history, which explains reasons for viewing consumer information. You can close an open contact. You can also edit an open contact, but you cannot edit a closed contact.
Transactions Consumer's transaction history.
Agent Transactions Transactions made by the agent on the consumer's behalf.
Attachments Consumer-related attachments, such as a scanned ID for proof of identification. You can add other attachments such as an invoice.
Bill Configuration Current bills configured for the consumer. You can add, edit, or remove a bill configuration on the consumer's behalf.
Open Bills All open bills for the consumer. You can pay a bill on the consumer's behalf.
Bill History The consumer's bill history.
Messages All SMS messages sent to the consumer, such as resetting a PIN; this does not include the registration one-time password (OTP).
Contact Points Contact points for the consumer, which can include e-mail addresses and mobile phone numbers. You can add, edit, or remove contact points on the consumer's behalf.
Mobile Alerts Mobile alerts that are set up for the consumer's payment instruments. You can add, edit, or remove mobile alerts on the consumer's behalf.
Synchronization History Synchronized results of all completed operations and pending operations.
Service Packages Use this option to assign service packages to an individual banking consumer.