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Creating Exchange Objects in SycloLocate this document in the navigation structure

An exchange object combines technical objects, such as an exchange class handler, an exchange table, and a lock object, with configuration rules. It allows you to control runtime change-detection behavior by defining specific rules for different scenarios.


The change-detection functionality that is defined by each exchange object is limited to what the underlying technical objects support.


  1. Open the Syclo Configuration Panel, TA/SYCLO/CONFIGPANEL.
  2. Select Mobile Application Configuration. Create a new mobile application called ZEPM_MOBILE_APPLICATION, and save your changes.
  3. Create an exchange object:
    1. Click ConfigPanel Home, and select Exchange Object Configuration.
    2. Click Create to create a new exchange object, and name it ZEPM_BUSINESSPARTNER_EXCHANGE_OBJECT.
    3. Select the mobile application, the exchange table and the exchange object handler you previously created.
    4. Set Application Area to Cross Application, and enter a description. Save your changes.
  4. Create an Exchange Framework Implementation (EFI) assignment:
    1. On the start page, select EFI Assignment, and click Create.
    2. Add the EFI that you created earlier, ZEPM_EFI_BUSINESSPARTNER_INCLUDE, and save your changes.