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You can develop new Web applications, and customize the portal-template applications to support your mobile-banking needs. To build Web applications, you should understand the basics of Web page design and the Apache Wicket Web page framework, and have a good working knowledge of HTML formatting.

A unified Web application allows you to share page layouts and styles across multiple Web applications. All applications are consolidated into a single Web application archive file (WAR), which:
  • Builds on the Apache Wicket framework, focusing on reuse
  • Simplifies development and customization
  • Increases flexibility and standardization
A single unified Web application allows you to use a consistent approach that is understood and shared across Web applications. For customizing Web applications, it is important to understand:
  • Page layout – available types of page layouts and general principals to apply to all pages.
  • Application configuration – how to add Web applications to the unified environment.
  • Application customization – basic steps for including customized functions in the unified environment.
  • Style guidelines – how to apply individual style elements to common HTML components.
  • Localization guidelines – how to organize text resources related to localization, and best practices for managing text labels.
An aggregated WAR manages a single Wicket application, which defines an application sign-on page and an application home page.
  • If an authenticated Wicket Web session does not exist, users are directed to the application sign-on page, which is defined by ApplicationLoginPage.class.
  • Once users are authenticated, they are directed to the application home page, which is defined by ApplicationHomePage.class.

Because Wicket defines an application-specific home page, the base-application home page identifies roles that are associated with the logged-in user, and redirects the user to the appropriate application home page.