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The processing engine SmappStateProcessingContext object provides access to resources, such as session variables and the subscribers data store.

You can use the SmappStateProcessingContext object to share resources between the processing engine and the state; however, in most state implementations, this is unnecessary.

Note Do not alter SmappStateProcessingContext.
You can use these SmappStateProcessingContext methods:
  • getStateDao – inserts, updates, or deletes session variables.
  • getSubscriberDao – accesses the subscribers data store. Also used by some built-in states.
  • isAckMessageRequested – queries whether an acknowledgment is requested.
  • setAckMessageRequest – specifies whether an acknowledgment is requested.
  • isCurrentStateEncrypted – queries whether state data is encrypted.
The following resources are available for read-only access, and include no API support. Do not access these resources directly, or make any changes. If you have special requirements, consult with SAP support services.
  • client
  • session
  • clientMsisdn
  • currentState
  • customer
  • langDefault
  • matchingPattern
  • mr
  • msg
  • newSession
Do not use the following methods or resources; doing so may result in errors or unexpected application behavior:
  • getlangRequest
  • updateSession
  • cacheMgr
  • outgoingQueue