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Implementing State LogicLocate this document in the navigation structure

If you extend the SmappStatePlugin class, implement state logic in the processStateLogic method. If you extend the AbstractDynamicMenu class, the abstract class implements the state logic.

At runtime, the processing engine calls a state's processState method, which in turn calls processStateLogic. The processState method is implemented by the SmappStatePlugin abstract class.

The processStateLogic method signature is:
protected SmappState processStateLogic(
                       SmappStateProcessingContext context,
                       SmappStateProcessingAction action)
  throws MwizProcessingException, DBException; 
The processStateLogic input parameters are:
  • SmappStateProcessingContext – provides access to resources, such as data-access objects for session variables.
  • SmappStateProcessingAction – signals to the processing engine that there is to be additional processing.