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Updates subscriber attributes in the selected subscriber set. Gets the subscriber's MSISDN from a session variable, and updates as many as 20 attributes.

Input Variables
  • Subscriber Set – select a subscriber set from a list.
  • Subscriber MSISDN – unique key for retrieving a subscriber's attributes.
  • Attribute 1, Attribute 2, ... Attribute 20 – subscriber attributes.
Output Variables


Follow-up State – OK

Subscriber updated successfully.

Follow-up State – Fail
Error while updating the subscriber, possibly because:
  • MSISDN already exists.
  • Unrecoverable system error, such as database-connection failure.
Follow-up State – Dynamic

Not applicable.

State Editor

In this example, the Update Subscriber state updates attributes for subscribers in the testList subscriber set.

Update Subscriber State Editor




One possible use for the Update Subscriber state is a voting application, in which a voter is added to the Voting Results list, and subsequently, the Update Subscriber state can insert information in other fields.