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Before you can test and run applications and events, you must activate them.

The processing engine executes applications and events when they are in active mode. If you edit the active version of an application or an event in the Web UI, changes are saved to an in-review version. Changing an in-review version does not impact the active version, until you reactivate the application or event.

Initially, the mode of activated applications and events is on-deck, and changes to active when the active from-date and time are the same as the current-date and time. Artifacts in active mode are rolled back to on-deck mode, if the active from-date and time are moved into the future.

To run some newly created artifacts—default menus, applications, and events—you must activate them. If you make any changes to one of these artifacts, you must reactivate them.

Once artifacts are activated, changes are committed and cannot be rolled back. If applications or events contain mistakes, deactivate them.