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Prepare the Project Structure and Copy Dependencies to Your ProjectLocate this document in the navigation structure

Add MAF libraries to the empty project. MAF includes statically linked libraries with resource bundles. Prepare a folder structure for the dependencies.

  1. Locate MAF libraries in the SAP Mobile Platform SDK installation a folder, in the NativeSDK/MAFReuse/iOS and NativeSDK/ODataFramework subfolders.
  2. In the root of your Xcode project, create these folders and subfolders:
    • dependencies/libraries
    • dependencies/includes
    • dependencies/bundles
  3. Copy these libraries from NativeSDK/MAFReuse/iOS/libraries/Debug-universal to dependencies/libraries/Debug-universal:
    • libMAFUIComponents.a
    • libMAFLogViewer.a
  4. Copy these libraries from NativeSDK/MAFReuse/iOS/libraries/Release-universal to dependencies/libraries/Release-universal:
    • libMAFUIComponents.a
    • libMAFLogViewer.a
  5. Copy these folders from NativeSDK/MAFReuse/iOS/includes/public/ to dependencies/includes:
    • MAFUIComponents
    • MAFLogViewer
  6. Copy these bundles from NativeSDK/MAFReuse/iOS/includes/bundles to dependencies/bundles:
    • MAFUIComponents.bundle
    • MAFLogViewer.bundle
  7. Copy these libraries from NativeSDK/ODataFramework/iOS/libraries/Debug-universal to dependencies/libraries/Debug-universal:
    • libMAFLogger.a
    • libLogger.a
  8. Copy these libraries from NativeSDK/ODataFramework/iOS/libraries/Release-universal to dependencies/libraries/Release-universal:
    • libMAFLogger.a
    • libLogger.a
  9. Copy the MAFLogger folder from NativeSDK/ODataFramework/iOS/includes/public/ to dependencies/includes.
  10. Copy MAFLogger.bundle from NativeSDK/ODataFramework/iOS/includes/bundles to dependencies/bundles.