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MAF locale-aware controls are complex graphical components for presenting and editing currency, phone numbers, and address information in localized input fields.

Use these controls to request user inputs in the language and locale set for the phone. You can also read the localized user input and use it for later data processing (for example, for sending it to the back end). MAF locale-aware controls let you:

  • Present and obtain user information in a localized way for currencies, phone numbers, and address fields.
  • Allow users to select values for input fields from a predefined list of a finite number of values, for example, selecting country names or currencies per countries.
  • Allow users to select the label and type of input fields from a list of options, such as home, work, or private settings for phone types, or work, home, or other settings for addresses.
  • Allow users to enter free text information, such as amounts and phone numbers, and properly format it using MAF formatters.
  • Easily and dynamically customize the component’s UI elements and subviews, even at application runtime. The controls are skinnable, as they all build on MAF simple controls.
  • Configure value helper list entries with your custom set.