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MAFUISlider extends the native UISlider class with MAF styling capability using the MAFStyling protocol.

The differences (colors and shadows) between the native and the SAP-style-based slider controls are shown here:

Native and Styled Slider
Figure 1: Native and Styled Slider
To create MAFUISlider with the default SAP style and add it to the view of your ViewController, use:
UISlider* slider = [[UISlider alloc]initWithFrame:CGRectMake(10, 185, 200, 30)];
	slider.minimumValue = 0.0;
	slider.maximumValue = 100.0;
	[slider setValue:50];
	slider.continuous = YES;
	[self.view addSubview: slider];
	[slider release];
There are two styling methods available for changing the default style of MAFUISlider. You can set tint colors for the minimum track, maximum track, and thumb. This method keeps the native design, but adjusts its colors to the specified tint colors. To set the tint color at runtime, use:
<Style Key="LightSlider" TargetType="Slider" platform="ios">
     <Setter Property="minimumTrackTintColor" Value="#FFFFFF"/>
     <Setter Property="maximumTrackTintColor" Value="#FFFF00"/>
     <Setter Property="thumbTintColor" Value="#FF0000"/>
The other method of customizing the control is to specify images for the maximum track, minimum track, and thumb; for example:
<Style Key="LightSlider" TargetType="Slider" platform="ios">
     <CurrentThumbImage Height="30"  ImageSource="thumb" Width="30"/>
     <MinimumValueImage Height="30"  ImageSource="noSwitch.png" Width="30"/>
     <MaximumValueImage Height="30"  ImageSource="yesSwitch.png" Width="30"/>
To change the default SAP style to your custom style, set the mafStyleName property to your custom style’s key value:
    slider.mafStyleName = @"LightSlider";
You can change these properties in the skinning XML:
minimumTrackTintColor The tint color of the standard minimum track images.
maximumTrackTintColor The tint color of the standard maximum track images.
thumbTintColor The tint color of the standard thumb images. Can be used only if no thumb image is used.
CurrentThumbImage Contains the current thumb image that renders the receiver. Overwrites thumbTintColor.
MinimumValueImage Contains the image that is drawn on the side of the slider representing the minimum value.
MaximumValueImage Contains the image that is drawn on the side of the slider representing the maximum value.