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Testing the OData ServiceLocate this document in the navigation structure

Expose the service on NetWeaver Gateway and conduct an initial test. The Service Maintenance function in the Service Builder enables you to register and maintain each service in an SAP NetWeaver Gateway system.


The SAP NetWeaver Gateway systems in which you want to register the service must be configured under the following path: Start of the navigation path SPRO Next navigation step SAP NetWeaver Next navigation step Gateway Service Enablement Next navigation step Backend OData Channel Next navigation step Connection Settings to SAP NetWeaver Gateway Next navigation step SAP NetWeaver Gateway Settings End of the navigation path.


See Service Maintenance for more information.


  1. Register the system:
    1. In Service Builder, double-click the Service Maintenance folder within your project to view the configured systems.
      See the prerequisites, if no systems are listed.
    2. Select the system in which you want to register the service in and click Register Service.

    3. Select Yes in the warning dialog.

      The registration status next to the system to which you registered the service is green.

  2. Perform an initial test of the service:
    1. Click Maintain.

    2. In the lower-left section, click Gateway Client.

      The Gateway Client opens in a separate window. The Request URI value represents the OData Service Document URL of this service.
    3. Click Execute.

      If successful, the response section on the right shows an HTTP response code of 200, and the Service Document contains the collections (BusinessPartners, SalesOrders, and SalesOrderItems) that are available for this service.

  3. To view service metadata, replace ?$format=xml at the end of the URL with $metadata.

    The metadata you see corresponds directly to the data model you created.
  4. Click back out to exit the Gateway Client, and then back out again to return to the main Service Builder screen.