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The Hybrid SDK (Kapsel) is UI5 framework agnostic. You can use any third party framework with the Hybrid SDK (Kapsel) that is compatible with Cordova. This section discusses framework integration with the Hybrid SDK (Kapsel), and provides an overview of common UI libraries for standards-based Web development.

Some UI5 frameworks do not provide official support for Windows Phone 8.1. As a result, when using the Logon plugin in the Hybrid SDK with these frameworks, an error message may be displayed; however, the functionality of the Logon plugin is not otherwise affected.


If you have not already selected a framework for your UI development, selecting SAPUI5 allows you to efficiently leverage the Hybrid SDK's integration with SAPUI5. The Login plugin uses the UI5 framework. Another strength of UI5 is that you can write an application, for desktop and mobile, using a single code base.

SAPUI5, also known as SAP UI Development Toolkit for HTML5, is the SAP client-side HTML5 rendering library with a large set of RIA-like standard and extension controls based on JavaScript (JS), and a lightweight programming model. The rendering control library is Open AJAX-compliant and based on open source jQuery and can be used together with other client-side libraries.

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jQuery Mobile
Some of the other popular open-source frameworks include:

jQuery Mobile is an HTML5 based user interface system for mobile devices.

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Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch  is an HTML5 mobile application framework that encourages a model, view, and controller pattern.

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Kendo UI

Kendo UI is an HTML5/JavaScript framework for modern Web and mobile application development.

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