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Configuring the iOS Client for Basic Authentication over HTTP(S)Locate this document in the navigation structure

Configure the iOS client for basic authentication over HTTP or HTTPS.


  1. For HTTPS, import the root certificate to the iOS device.
  2. Set the selected application ID in the sap.Logon.init method when initializing the application.
  3. Set the project settings' keychain group to "clienthubEntitlements" and $(CFBundleIdentifier).
  4. Start the application on device and register with the following settings:
    • Username Username as assigned by your administrator.
    • Password Password for your assigned username.
    • Host Enter the hostname for your SAP Mobile Platform Server. This value must match the server name used for generating the server certificate.
    • Port For HTTPS, enter 8081. For HTTP, enter 8080.
    • Secure For HTTPS, enter ON. For HTTP, enter OFF.
    • Security configure Enter the selected security configuration name for sharing the credentials with other applications.
  5. After registering, a new registration appears in the cockpit for the application.