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Additional Offline OData FeaturesLocate this document in the navigation structure

There are some additional offline OData features.

  • sap.entityexists

    A built-in function that can be used in a $filter system query option to check for the existence of a related entity.

    sap.entityexists takes a single parameter that is a member expression that only references navigation properties with an end cardinality of 1 or 0..1.

    In the following example, each Order has a relationship to a SalesRep, and each Order either has an assigned SalesRep or it does not.

    To get all Orders that have an associated SalesRep:
    Orders?$filter=sap.entityexists( SalesRep )
    To get all Orders that do not have an associated SalesRep:
    Orders?$filter=not sap.entityexists( SalesRep )
  • Prefer header
    Only max page size can be specified for the Prefer header:
    odata.maxpagesize=<number greater than 0>