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Specifying Media Resources in a Defining RequestLocate this document in the navigation structure

When you create a defining request, use the offline OData API to set a flag that triggers the download of media resources.

Use the following Offline OData API methods:
  • iOS

    For SODataOfflineStoreOptions, use:

    (void) addDefiningRequestWithName:(NSString*)name
                                    url:(NSString*) url
                        retrieveStreams:(bool) retrieveStreams;

    The definingRequests Dictionary has been deprecated.

  • Android

    For ODataOfflineStoreOptions, use:

    public void addDefiningRequest( String name, String url, boolean retrieveStreams )
        throws ODataException

    The definingRequests Map has been deprecated.

  • Windows 8.1

    For ODataOfflineStoreOptions, use:

    public void AddDefiningRequest( String name, String url, bool retrieveStreams )

    The DefiningRequests Dictionary is now obsolete.

When an offline store is opened for the first time, the media stream for all media entities that come from defining requests where retrieveStreams is true are downloaded. In subsequent refreshes, media streams from such defining requests are updated only if the media entity has changed.