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Installing Windows Store Applications on a Windows PhoneLocate this document in the navigation structure

Install Windows Store Applications on a Windows Phone.


  1. In Visual Studio, right-click the project and select Start of the navigation path Store Next navigation step Create App Packages End of the navigation path.
  2. Select if you want to build packages to upload to Windows Store and click Next.
  3. Click Create to create the .appx package.
    Once the package is created, the Package Creation Completed screen appears.
  4. To install the app on a Windows Phone:
    1. Run application deployment tool (AppDeploy.exe) from C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Windows Phone\v8.1\Tools\AppDeploy\AppDeploy.exe
    2. Select Device from the Target drop-down. Browse to the package file (.appx) that you want to deploy, and click Deploy.
      Make sure the device is connected and registered.
    If deployment is successful, the Status field displays
    App Deployment Complete
  5. To install the app on a different device:
    1. Copy the entire contents of the package output folder to the target device.
    2. On the target device, open the folder containing the .appx file. Right-click the PowerShell script located in that folder and select Run with PowerShell.
    3. Follow the prompts to install the package.