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handleFatal(SmappStateProcessingContext, SmappStateProcessingAction) methodLocate this document in the navigation structure

Helper method in state development.

protected void handleFatal (
    SmappStateProcessingContext context,
    SmappStateProcessingAction action
) throws MwizProcessingException, DBException
  • context the state processing context containing all the necessary object needed while processing the state.
  • action SmappStateProcessingAction is used to communicate back to the processing engine how to proceed.
  • MwizProcessingException any exceptions that warrant terminating the application
  • DBException any database exceptions that warrant terminating the application

This method will attempt to find the follow-up transition of FAIL type and set the corresponding follow-up state to the SmappStateProcessingAction.

If not found, it will set the processing engine to terminate, or SmappStateProcessingAction.terminateProcessing();