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processMessageLogic(SmappStateProcessingContext) methodLocate this document in the navigation structure

Process incoming message.

protected final SmappState processMessageLogic (SmappStateProcessingContext context) throws MwizProcessingException, DBException
  • context processing engine context; should be used to obtain context information but should NOT be modified.
follow-up transition
  • MwizProcessingException processing engine exception
  • DBException Exception when accessing or saving the session variable from database

The AbstractDynamicMenu support "Send SMS" feature, meaning it can send message and wait for the response, a very similar behavior to the base "Send SMS" state. This processMessageLogic(SmappStateProcessingContext) method will be called during processing of the incoming message. This method processes the incoming message, most likely, containing the selected menu item. The message can be either a selection or a menu control (such as: more or exit).

If the incoming message contains a valid selection of menu item index, the saveSessionVariables(String, String) method will be called followed by continueOk().

If the incoming message conatins a valid menu control index, the processing is forwarded to processStateLogic(SmappStateProcessingContext, SmappStateProcessingAction) method.

Intentionally made final so that it cannot be override.