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More efficient way to check and obtain the value of the input attribute using a single database call.

public InputValue getInputValue () throws DBException
NULL - the variable has not been populated InputValue - populated value
  • DBException Exception when accessing the session variable from database
  • RequiredParameterMissingException This is a required input field but the value has not been populated

The return InputValue can be used to retrieve the actual input value.

In the past, this has been accomplished using a combined call to isSet() and getValue() methods which is less efficient because each method make a separate database call.

This method is designed to be used with an optional (not mandatory) input attribute. For example, 

 InputValue iv = optionalInputVariable.getInputValue();
 if (iv!=null) {
    retrieve the value
For mandatory input attribute, access the value directly using the getInputValueWithWarning(), and handle the RequiredParameterMissingException appropriately.