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Helper class to return the input value and provide helper methods to convert the value into needed types.

public class InputValue

All members of InputValue, including inherited members.

Modifier and Type Constructor Description
public InputValue(String) Constructor.
public InputValue(String, String) Constructor.
Modifier and Type Method Description
public Boolean getBoolean() The Boolean value of this input.
public Double getDouble() The Double value of this input.
public Integer getInt() The Integer value of this input.
public Long getLong() The Long value of this input.
public String getMsisdn(String) Get the MSISDN in international format based on the specified country code.
public String getString() The String value of this input.
public String getString(int) Get the string value that is truncated to the specify size.
public String toString() Returns a string representation of this instance.

Internally, InputValue has two fields: name and value. If not provided, the name will be set to an empty string. The name and value will be set in the exception message when occurs.