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The processing engine creates this state processing context or SmappStateProcessingContext before delegating the task to the state.

public class SmappStateProcessingContext

All members of SmappStateProcessingContext, including inherited members.

Modifier and Type Variable Description
public SmappState currentState  
public MessageReceiver mr  
public Customer customer  
public Client client  
public ClientMsisdn clientMsisdn  
public MwizMessage msg  
public boolean newSession  
public Pattern matchingPattern  
public OutgoingQueue outgoingQueue  
public Language langDefault  
public CacheManagerDao cacheMgr  
Constructors Methods
Modifier and Type Method Description
public Language getLangRequest()  
public Session getSession() Get the current session.
public StateDaoImpl getStateDao() Get the data access object for the state.
public SubscriberDaoImpl getSubscriberDao()  
public boolean isAckMessageRequested() When sending SMS message using SMPP, an acknowledgement from the gateway or SMSC can be requested.
public boolean isCurrentStateEncrypted() Bulk saving of SessionAttributes for the current state in the current session.
public void setAckMessageRequest(boolean) Set the SMPP acknowledgement request flag for the current state in the current session.
public void setLangRequest(Language)  
public void updateSession()  

The context contains all the necessary resources and information, such as: session, data access, processing engine context, etc. for processing the state.