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This plugin handles end-to-end tracing in Hybrid SDK (Kapsel) applications. The plugin is supported for use with applications on the Android, iOS, and Windows 8.1 platforms on SAP Mobile Platform. You must have configured a supportability server in your SAP Mobile Platform environment to enable viewing the upload of your trace.

Enabling application tracing captures additional data for a request (such as payload, HTTP headers, and URIs), which can be used to troubleshoot application problems. The data captured in application traces is determined by the application developer. You can set the logging level using the setTraceLevel() method. You enable tracing of HTTP requests using the enable startTrace( [transactionName] ) method. Data is recorded for the transaction between when you start the trace and when you turn off the trace by the endTrace() method. Kapsel treats the entire session as a single transaction. The following information is recorded for each XMLHTTPRequest:

  • the start time of the request
  • the headers for the request
  • a status code for the response (such as 200 if successful)

End-to-end tracing sessions are conducted by administrators and device users. End-to-end trace information is recorded in a Business Transaction XML (BTX) file on the client. Logs and traces are synchronized with the server when you initiate an upload using the uploadTrace() method, and you can then upload the data to SAP Solution Manager for analysis.

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