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Migrating Messaging Channel OData Applications to REST SDK ApplicationsLocate this document in the navigation structure

Migrate OData applications (iOS/Android) that use messaging channel (sometimes called iMO-based) in 2.3 SP03 and earlier versions to OData applications that use REST SDK, to take advantage of REST services capabilities.


  • Import the new REST client libraries from the OData SDK into your Android or iOS development environment.
  • Arrange access to a test environment for on-premise testing.


  1. In your development environment, modify the messaging channel application logic to use REST SDK services.
    Some areas you may need to address:
    • Registration
    • Settings exchange
    • Request response
    • End-to-end tracing
    • Native push notifications
  2. Recompile the application.
  3. Test the application in a device simulator or emulator, and in the test environment. Make modifications as needed.
  4. Deploy the application to the production environment.