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A tile is a UI element that has a visual representation on an iPhone or an iPad screen. It can be an entire screen, a composite tile, or a simple view element.

A basic tile can be described by these parameters:
  • Unique identifier (required) precisely identifies the tile inside the framework, or on the client side by the app developer.
  • Title (optional) a localizable string ID, text.
  • imageSrc (optional) the image that is to appear on the tile; can be either a bundled resource or an image URL.
    This example describes a navigation-based application that contains two tiles. Follow the same pattern to add sibling or child tiles. The embedded tile with the “LeaveRequestList” ID is declared as a tile reference inside the enclosing tile’s definition:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <MAF xmlns="">
        <!-- Define a TileContainer (Container View Controller)
         * Here we define a navigation based container (translates to UINavigationController)
         * Currently possible values are "nav", "tab" (UITabBarcontroller) and "split" 
         * (UISplitViewController / iPad)
        <TileContainer tileContainerId="NavigationContainer" type="nav">
            <P pid="isRoot" value="true"/>
            <TileRef ref=" LeaveRequestScreen"/>
       <Tile tileId="LeaveRequestScreen">
    <P pid=” title” value="{$_i18n.leaveoverview}"/>
    <P pid=” imageSrc” value="MAFExtensibilityImages.bundle/General-Leave.png">   	<!—A linear container arranges the tiles and UI elements declared in its scope -->
    <LinearContainer layout=”vertical”>
       		<Tile ref="LeaveRequestList"/>
       		 <!—Further tiles and UI elements skipped for brevity -->
       <Tile tileId="LeaveRequestList">
    <P pid=” title” value="{$_i18n.leavelist}"/>
       	 <!—Further details skipped for brevity -->