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CertificateProvider implementation deletes the stored certificate when called.

Invoked in these cases:
  • During application unregistration.
  • During application registration: if any successful registration occurred in the past, this call ensures that the previously used certificate will be deleted.
  • When a DataVault is deleted due to too many failed attempts.
  • The certificate becomes invalid, and the application developer calls refreshCertificate method on the Public API of MAFLogonManager.
In the first three cases, LogonPlugin and the Mediator call deleteStoredCertificate() on the CertificateProvider.

Returns yes if the certificate was successfully deleted, or there is no certificate. Otherwise, returns no and an error message.

-(NSError*) deleteStoredCertificate;
  • anError – the address of an NSError*. Returns the address of an error, or nil on success.

Boolean that indicates whether the certificate was successfully deleted.