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Viewing Audit RecordsLocate this document in the navigation structure

Filter and view selected audit records.


Access to audit records is only available to users with the SUP Administrator and SUP Helpdesk role. The SUP Domain Administrator does not have access to auditing data.


  1. View data using basic filtering and sorting:
    1. Navigate to the Auditing node in the tree and click the General tab.
    2. Specify the time range in the From and To fields.
    3. Click Retrieve.
      The filtered audit data appears in the table. The default order is descending by timestamp.
    4. Select one audit record from the table. The data appears in a text area below the table, and allows you to select and view Additional Info, should any exist.
    5. Click the column header of the table to sort data by that column.
    6. The displayed data supports pagination. Navigate using the First, Previous, Next and Last buttons, and set the page size as needed.
    7. Use the Grid view and Text view buttons to toggle data display between tabular and simple textual output respectively.
  2. View audit data using advanced filtering:
    The administrator can search audit data by specifying multiple columns. Wildcard “*” and “?” characters are supported.
    1. Select the Show filter check box.
    2. In the filter panel, add one or more search criteria and click the "plus" + button to add each criterion and value. To remove a search criterion, click the red X button next to the value. The filter works in combination with the time range and remains in effect even when not visible (when Show Filter is unchecked).
    3. Click Retrieve.