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Viewing Replication-Based Synchronization Statistics Locate this document in the navigation structure

Monitor and analyze replication-based synchronization statistics, including sync duration and failure rates for individual devices, even if synchronization spans multiple sync groups.


Replication history statistics includes details that allows grouping of Sync Groups for a given sync, and can identify fatal sync errors for a particular device. Synchronization statistics can be filtered and exported to a file.


  1. In the left navigation pane, select Monitoring.
  2. In the right administration pane, select the Replication tab.
  3. To view errors and statistics for a synchronization that spans multiple sync groups:
    1. Select History then the Summary view button.
    2. Select the SyncGroups value from the table.
    3. Select Sync Groups View to view the details of the sync group, including total synchronization time.
    4. Click Error Message to view errors for the selected entry.
  4. To filter, view, and export statistics:
    1. Click Statistics from the Replication tab.
    2. Define search conditions using:
      • Time range section use Start date, End date, Start time, and End time fields to specify the start time and end time.
      • Domains to specify the domain list. All are included if unselected.
      • Users to specify the user list. Use the wild card character (*) to include all users.
      • Type select an option from the drop-down list: Total syncs, Failed syncs, Successful syncs, Average sync duration, Max sync duration, Min sync duration, or Error rate.
      • Granularity select either Hour or Daily.
    3. Click Retrieve to retrieve and display the filtered statistics.
    4. Click Export to export the filtered statistics to a CVS file.