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Cleaning the Client LogLocate this document in the navigation structure

Keep client log records at a reasonable level, based on a retention period that is agreed upon by both the SAP Mobile Server administrator and the application developer. Clean the client log when there are log records that are older than the retention period.

The client log contains two types of logs:
  • Operation replay logs created on the SAP Mobile Server when an operation replay fails or results in a warning message. These log records are downloaded to the device when the application synchronizes.
  • Client logs created on the device by the application and uploaded to the server where they are retained for a period of time for audit or troubleshooting purposes.
Both types of logs are stored on the client device.
Cleaning the client log on the server involves these stages:
  1. Mark the log records for deletion on the server (logical deletion).
  2. Wait sufficient time for the client applications to synchronize with the SAP Mobile Server and remove the deleted records from the device database.
    Note The time allowed should take the user environment into account; for example, a user in a remote location may only be able to connect and synchronize once a week.
  3. Delete the log records from the server (physical deletion).
When cleaning the client log, keep these best practices in mind:
  • Perform the logical and physical cleanup of log records when client activity is at its lowest level to minimize the affect on client synchronization. Clients synchronizing when a purge is in process may encounter delays.
  • Consider the requirements of all applications that use the MBOs in the mobile application package.