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Configuring Agentry Server Instance LogsLocate this document in the navigation structure

Each Agentry application has its own Agentry Server instance that runs on the SAP Mobile Server node. The Agentry Server instance can generate several log messages that are written to one or more log files. You specify the level of verbosity for the log messages and whether the messages should be written to a separate log file. You can view the log files for an Agentry Server instance in <SMP_HOME>\Servers\UnwiredServer\logs\<<agentryApplicationID>>.



  1. In the navigation pane of SAP Control Center, expand the Applications node and select the application.
  2. In the administration pane, click the Logs tab.
  3. Select the log for which to configure settings.
  4. Click the Level for the selected log.
  5. Select a verbosity level for the generated log messages.
  6. To record the messages to a separate file, in addition to the thread files, click the Separate File for the selected log record and select Yes.
  7. Click Save.