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Configuring Management Port PropertiesLocate this document in the navigation structure

Management ports in SAP Mobile Server process incoming administration connection requests from SAP Control Center. Management ports use IIOPS by default, though IIOP can be configured as well.


Note If you are using SAP Control Center in a development/test environment, you must also configure the SAP Mobile WorkSpace on all development computers accessing the development SAP Mobile Server to also save the required certificates to the java keystore. SAPMutual authentication for the IIOPS management port is not supported.


  1. In the left navigation pane, select Configuration.
  2. In the right administration pane, click the General tab.
  3. From the menu bar, select Components.
  4. Select Management, then click Properties.
  5. To configure the IIOP management port, enter the port number (default is 2000).
  6. To configure the IIOPS secure management port:
    • Enter the port number (default is 2001).
    • Select the security profile used for the secure port.