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The audit formatter component formats an audit record from its component parts. An audit formatter is supplied to the active audit destination upon initialization, where the audit destination can use the formatter if required.

The default provider formats audit data into an XML record. The audit records generated by this provider are of the format
<AuditRecord Action="[action]" Decision="[decision]" When="[timestamp]"> <Resource Class="[resource classname]" ID="[resource id]" /> <Attribute Name="[attribute1 name]" Value="[attribute1 value]" /> <Attribute Name="[Map attribute name]" Key="[Map Key1 name]" Value="[Map value associated with the key1]" /> <Attribute Name="[Map attribute name]" Key="[Map Key2 name]" Value="[Map value associated with the key2]" /> <Attribute Name="[List attribute name]" Value="[List value1]" /> <Attribute Name="[List attribute name]" Value="[List value2]" /> </AuditRecord>