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The following table lists the available configuration options, acceptable values, and descriptions of the settings in the System Connections set of properties found in the SAP Control Center. These settings are also those found in the [System Connections] section of the Agentry.ini file.

The items listed in this section are key and values, where the key portion is the same as the ID of the system connection definition for which the entry is added. Therefore, the following table lists the acceptable values, specifying library (DLL) files to be loaded by the Server upon startup in support of the different system connection types supported by the Agentry platform. This section should contain entries only for system connection in use by the application and defined within the application project. A corresponding system connection type section ([SQL-n], [Java-n], [HTTPXML-n], or [File-n]) must be added to the Agentry.ini file as well.


The items in this section are typically added automatically by the Agentry Editor when needed and based on the system connections defined within the project when that project is published to the Agentry Server. Therefore it is rarely necessary to add these items manually. They are listed here for reference purposes only.

Library File Name Description
ag3sqlbe.dll This file is listed for each SQL Database system connection within the application.
ag3javabe.dll This file is listed for each Java Virtual Machine system connection within the application.
ag3httpxml.dll This file is listed for each HTTP-XML system connection within the application.
ag3filebe.dll This file is listed when an NT File System connection is in use within the application.