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The following table lists the available configuration options, acceptable values, and descriptions of the settings in the Front Ends set of properties found in the SAP Control Center. These settings are also those found in the[Front Ends] section of the Agentry.ini file.

The items in this section are anonymous keys. Therefore, the following table lists the acceptable values, specifying library (DLL) files to be loaded by the Server upon startup in support of the different client-server connection types. Only those for front ends (connect types) in use should be listed in this section.

Library File Name Description
AngelVine.dll This file is listed in the [Front Ends] section by default for versions of Agentry beginning with 4.4. This file must be listed if one or more transmit configurations are defined to use the ANGEL connection type.
WebVine.dll This file is listed in the [Front Ends] section when the Web Client is in use for an application implementation. When listed, the Server will take on certain web server-like behaviors, serving screens in HTML or WML format to web clients.