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Adding or Removing Payloads to the ProfileLocate this document in the navigation structure

Add a subsystem to the profile for payload logging. This enables you to identify one or more specific subsystems where payload data will also be included with the logged activity. If specified, payload is enabled for the selected subsystems.


The payload corresponds to the information of one request serviced by the SAP Mobile Server. Example: For an administrator to keep track of granular details such as request headers sent to Gateway through the proxy server, payload is enabled for a profile.

Note If a logging profile includes both package related and payloads criteria, you may experience a serious performance impact. Make sure you include additional criteria such as users or application connections.


  1. In the Profile Definition dialog, select Payloads.
  2. Click the button to add payloads to the profile.
    The Payloads dialog is displayed.
  3. You can do any of the following:
    • Select the check-box adjacent to the subsystem you want to add to the profile.
    • Uncheck the check-box that you want to remove from the profile.
  4. Click OK.