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Connections log data includes domain connections for SAP connection types to backend data sources, if enabled. Check the detail pane for additional columns that may be available. Enable Payload to see payload data that may be available.

  • Time – the time and date stamp for the log entry.
  • Application ID – the unique identifier assigned to the registered application. Values may include a number, blank, or HWC, depending on the client type.
  • Application Connection ID – the unique identifier for a user application connection.
  • User – the name of the user associated with the application ID. The user under the domain logs should be in the format "username@securityConfiguration".
  • Stage – the current stage of processing - START or FINISH.
  • Package – the name of the package to which the subscription belongs.
  • MBO – the mobile business object used.
  • Operation – the MBO operation.
  • BAPI – the SAP BAPI used as the data source.
  • Connection – the managed connection used.
  • Properties – the list of name:value pairs.
  • Thread ID – the identifier for the thread used to process the request.
  • Node ID – the server node on which the request is received.
  • Error – the error message if any.
  • Transaction ID – a unique ID that represents a transaction (one cycle of request-response) performed by the client or application.
  • Root Context ID – a unique ID that represents a client/server session. A session can be thought of as a block that includes multiple requests from the client to the server.
Payload and detail columns:
  • Parameters – input that was supplied to the operation; this will vary per request and operation (payload).
  • Device ID – the core and administrative (MMS) device ID.
  • Domain – the core and administrative (MMS) domain name.
  • Endpoint Name – the core and administrative (MMS) endpoint name.
  • SAP Host – the remote system hostname (if available).
  • SAP User – the SAP user for the operation.